Friday, 1 November 2013

Remove/Turn off Google Web History/New Google trick

Hello friends,

  Today I'm sharing a trick which will allow you to delete or clear all your search and  clicks on Google  account i.e all the saved history of your search on Google and others work will be deleted . In simple words just like clearing your web history in browser but here its on Google account.

Just follow few simple steps  as shown below:

1. Log in  to your Google Account by using your Gmail id and Password.

2. Now , Click Here for accessing your Google Web History.

3. Go to right side of page click on "Setting" 

4. Now click on Turn Off and now your search query is no longer be saved

5. If you want to delete your web history then click on "Remove Items",all the data will be removed completely. You can select here that how much you need to clear based on days.

*Note:If you want to re-enable your web history then simply go back on setting and click on turn back again.



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