Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 10 Best ways to Increase Blog Traffic/Blogging tricks

1. Make sure your posts are SEO Optimized which drives more traffic.
2. Write guest posts for other blogs which is similar to your blog(i mean to say if your blog is about tech then choose the same kind of blog for guest posting)
3. Use Article marketing to gain exposure.
4. Write about the content that you are good at and  make sure that what you write is fresh and updated one.

5. Make sure the content you post is not copied from other sites as it draws negative impression on the visitors.
6. Promote your post on social networking sites like twitter,Facebook and others.
7. Make your blog interactive by creating Facebook page or groups too discuss their question and forget to reply the comments made by visitors as soon as possible.
8. Market your blog through emails,YouTube,and others.
9. Insert inter links in the post of similar labels or content.
10.  Make sure that you use best keyword and title of the blog post as it cannot be changed in link once by default



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