Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fix : Hard Drive Constantly Running

Fix  Why is Hard Drive Constantly Running  One of the Readers asked me the Following : I have the following problem. A few days ago my vista laptop started taking a really long time to access a web page. Seems like everything takes long time just in the past few days. When I access a page my hard drive constantly running and runs for some time. If i look in the task manger it shows that the system is basically idle but my hard drive is just running along, meanwhile my web page has to wait on the hard drive to finish and then finally i get my web page. Any ideas…????

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Solution to the Hard Drive Constantly Running Problem

Idea 1 : May be this is because the RAM may be low and XP is paging all the applications in the hard drive.
Idea 2 : Generally, if there are lot of files in your hard drive and if they haven’t been defragmented for a long time, the access speed becomes quite low…
Idea 3 : Some times background applications like software updates, antivirus updates etc uses your hard drive when online. At same time it slow down your surfing speed. (see the fix below)
Idea 4 : Adware!!, Malware!!! …. (someone has to take the blame) :)
Plz Leave comments if you can suggest what’s happening….
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Fix Hard Drive Constantly Running Problem

Click Start – Run, type in MSCONFIG, then click OK – "Startup" tab. Remove the checkmark from the following processes…if they exist
Adobe Reader Speed Launch reader_sl.exe

Click Apply – OK afterwards, then reboot. When a window appears during reboot, ignore the message. Place a checkmark in the window, then click OK.
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