Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Remove Comment Box From Static Pages in Blogger

The maximum number of comments on blog posts shows the popularity of that blog. It shows the wide range of readers that blog have and how solid its blog readership is. Bloggers use various methods to increase the number of comments on their blog posts like they try toincrease blog traffic because traffic is the first thing bring gives readers to comment, building relationship with other bloggers so that they both can comment on each other blog. Whatever the tactics you use for your blog to increase number of comments, you will surely aware how attractive and professional a blog look with solid number of comments on each post. It is easy for readers to leave their feedback and queries through comment box that shows below every post and static pages also. But I think on some static pages like contact us page, about us page, sitemap page there is no need of comment form box. It looks nasty on these type of pages. So, in today’s post I bring a tutorial for you that will help you to learn how to remove comment box from static pages in blogger.



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