Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hide IP address & surf anonymously

How to hide your IP address & surf anonymously?

1) The very first thing you should do is, download FireFox browser and surf internet with that only. To download Firefox go to
2) Once FireFox is setup, restart your PC and then Download this:
3) Setup the above given software.
4) Once this is setup, You will see a program called "Vidalia Bundle", go to that program and then Start "Vidalia". Usually when the setup finishes, it automatically starts the "Vidalia".
5) Once "Vidalia" is running, you will see a Green color Onion shaped icon at the right side corner (bottom) in task bar of your PC, when you will take your mouse on that, it will say "Connected to TOR network", if not then double click on that green onion icon and then click on Start TOR, it will take some time and you will see it started.
6) Now open, Firefox and then on the Firefox, Right hand bottom corner, you will see a text written in red color "Tor Disabled", now click on that and it will become green and it will say "Tor Enabled".
7) Sometimes when you enable TOR in Firefox it shows a popup like above, just click on OK.
8) Now open a web URL called "
9) Now whatever website you will open, you may feel that your internet is VERY slow, but it will be like that only. While using TOR internet will be very slow.


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