Thursday, 28 November 2013

Excellent Trick To Increase Facebook Page Likes

Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page with Little Trick :D
There are lot of likes exchange sites like AddMeFast, but those sites have no benefit to use. Why?
Facebook page likes are important because they help us to increase our blog traffic. Now think how those fake likes gives traffic to our blog. Mostly likes are done by using fake accounts that are created to like other’s pages only.

But the trick I’m going to share today will help us to gain really targeted likes from our blog visitors.
Many times our blog readers like our blog posts and we can use those likes to increase our fb page likes.
How it’s possible?
It’s possible dear. We only need to be smart to gain likes from our visitors. Continue reading to know the secret trick. :)

Increase Likes to Your Facebook Page

In one of my earlier posts, I had shared a trick to increase facebook likes on blog posts and that trick really work awesomely and liked by many of my readers. And same you’ll also like my today’s trick.
So, let’s start learning the secret way to increase FB fan page likes.


To use this trick first you need to install a social sharing widget on your blog. If it’s already installed on your blog then you did the half job.
Otherwise first install it and it must contain facebook like button.
I had provided two social sharing widgets that you can easily install on your blog to continue with today’s trick. Grab them from below mentioned posts.
  • Add Floating Share Buttons Gadget To Blogger
  • Add Social Sharing Widget Below Every Post Title in Blogger
So, finally now you are ready with fb like button on your blog.. Sounds good :)
Now, let’s start the interesting part.

Increase Your Facebook Fans

Now it’s time to reveal the tricks.
Friends it’s very simple trick. We have to replace our fb like button (from sharing widget) with fb page like button.
How will it work?
It’ll surely work to gain likes on our fb page. When our first time visitors land on our blog to read our posts, they’ll click on fb like button to like our post, but indirectly they’ll like our fb page. :)
In this way they will become our regular reader. Hence regular traffic on our blog will come from various readers. Clap please facebook fans Thanks :)
Now let’s see how to change fb like button with fb page like button.


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