Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to lock pen drive with password without any software - Windows 7 / 8

With Windows 7 and 8 you can quickly and easily encrypt and protect data on  Hard drive or USB flash drive.

Encrypt hard drives and data backup

BitLocker is a tool for hard disk encryption, and by default it contains on Windows Vista / 7 Enterprise and ultimate . As well as in the new Windows8 Pro. How quickly and easily encrypt a drive ?  Follow these simple steps.

1. Open the program from start-> Panel-> BitLocker - Drive encryption

2. Select the drive that you want to encrypt.

3. When program starts, USB stick must be plugged in.

4. In the next step, specify how you want to unlock the drive.

5. Define the recovery key. This can be a file or a printout on paper. No matter how you decide, that document should be stored safely.

6. After all entries are made, you must start the encryption.

7.The encryption starts now. The encryption can take several mins depending on the size of the disk.

8. if the encryption was successful you ll receive a message.

9. An encrypted disk is indicated by the lock before the picture.

10. Put the USB flash drive to a computer, enter the above given password, to gain access to your data.


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