Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Configure your Desktop to Set Videos as Wallpaper

#1 – Using VLC Media Player to Set a Set Video as Desktop Wallpaper

VLC media player is a highly portable cross platform media player that plays almost any type of media format including DVDs, VCDs etc.And its extremely easy to set a video as wallpaper using VLC media player.
How to Set Videos as Desktop Wallpaper vlc
  • Play the video in VLC player
  • Right click on VLC player > Video > select DirectX Wallpaper
In case if DirectX Wallpaper option is disabled (grayed)…
Go to Settings > Preferences > Video > Output Modules > DirectX
Just select the advanced option box and you will get a window, enable the wallpaper mode , now when you run your videos and right click on it, you will see a wallpaper option .
That’s it! The video will now play in your desktop background as a wallpaper. VLC is available for Windows, Mac OS X and various other distributions of Linux.
> Link : Get VLC @ Free Must Have Applications For a New PC, Laptop
Another Simple way to do this is to Install BS Player (Link) .It has an option "set video as wallpaper".

#2 – Windows DreamScene

Windows DreamScene preview allows Vista Ultimate users to set and play MPG or WMV movie files as an animated desktop wallpaper, commonly called motion desktop.
Set Videos as Desktop Wallpaper
After Windows DreamScene is enabled, you can actually just right-click a video file of the supported type or format (MPG and WMV) and set it as your desktop background with DreamScene.
> Download Windows DreamScene : Link (Direct Link to bypass WGA)
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#3 – Stardock DeskScapes

Configure your Desktop to Set Videos as Wallpaper
This program allows users to have animated wallpaper on their Windows7, Vista or XP desktop. It supports playing video as animated wallpaper, dynamically generated content as animated wallpaper, and more.
DeskScapes supports the .Dream format. The .Dream format also has been specifically designed to contain content intended to be used as animated wallpaper. The .Dream format supports hyprid content, dynamic content, MPEG video, WMV video, and author information.
DeskScape Walkthrough
DeskScapes is available now as a free trial. The trial package includes dynamic, hybrid, and video dreams designed to enhance your PC experience.
> Download DeskScapes : Link
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