Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Make Windows Media Player Play .FLV .RM .AVI Files

Make Windows Media Player Play .FLV .RM .AVI FilesI

 know there are many good media players available for free just like VLC which is like the God of Players.
But if you are a retro and a WMP lover like me then this tutorial will explain how to play AVI, FLV, RM files in Windows Media Player.

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# Open, Play .FLV Files in Windows Media Player

Open, Play .FLV Files in Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player by default does not allow to play FLV (Flash Videos), after downloading YouTube videos we use either K-Lite pack or download other FLV Players to run Flash videos. Here is a Windows Media Player plugin called PlayFLV that enables WMP to playback FLV files.
  • Plugin that enables Windows Media Player to playback FLV files
  • Features all default functions, such as zooming, skipping and full screen view
  • Creates file association: Double-click FLV files to play them in Windows Media Player
  • Very lightweight plugin
  • Free and open source
Click here to download PlayFLV from the official website.

# Open Real Media (.RM) Files in WMP

Open Real Media (.RM) Files in WMPReal Alternative Plugin allows you to play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer.All RealMedia formats (.ra, .rm, .rmvb, .ram, .rpm, .rv, .rp, .rt, .rnx, .smi, .smil etc.) are supported, including streaming content and RealMedia content that is embedded in web pages.
> Download Real Alternative – Link v1.9.0
So now you may now uninstall the Bulky Real Player and allow this little alternative to add the codecs to your already installed Windows Media Player.

# Playing DivX (.avi) Video Files, Movies in Windows Media Player

Playing DivX (.avi) Video Files, Movies in Windows Media PlayerBy default, Windows Media Player will playback the audio of these AVIfiles, but will not render the video. To fix this problem, we simply need to install the proper XVID codec and we will be on our way to watching those XVID encoded AVI movies on our PC.
> Download and install Divx codecs : Link
After installed these codecs you should be able to play .avi files in windows media player
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